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General Meeting Minutes 21st July 2010

Last Updated: Saturday, 23 November 2013 15:43 Published: 22 July 2010



PRESENT: As per the register.

APOLOGIES: John Boyle, R Maberly - Lourdes

IN ATTENDANCE: Board of Directors
           Jack Taylor (CEO) and Sue Sim (Minute Secretary)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7:30pm.

GM10/019 MSA to suspend standing orders to hear from Blacktown City Council representatives:
  Stephen Donovan - Manager of Sport and Recreation Services 
  Matt O'Connor - Project Leader Regenesis, and our Project Leader for the new facility

  Presentation of our new facility.

GM10/20 MSA resume standing orders.

GM10/21 The minutes of the April 2010 General meeting were adopted.
  There were no matters arising.

GM10/22 Financial Report.
 1.  The Budget was tabled. Are there any questions.
 2. Jack advised that we have changed our financial year to the 30th June due to our new constitution. At the AGM we will give you a full 12months view.
  Kings Langley - when the clubs adopt the new constitution will they need to bring their financial year in line.
  Jack - Yes they would like you to all be the same.
  Jack - You must be very careful on how you raise your fees as some may need to be fully audited.  
  Tigers - when is the financial year
  Jack - 30th June
  Jack - I would prefer you to all have the same constitution, we will have our first meeting on 4th August.

GM10/23 Chief Executive Officers Report.
 1.  Referee's - We are now one Football Body, the branch is still in a transition period and we are working together.
  We are in the process of talking to referees on how they would like things done. We need 30 more senior referees. There will not be club referees next year they will belong to the referees and they will do the exam. We are talking about mentors and assessors to make the referees better. Any suggestions on how to get more referees let us know.
  Parklea - is the amount taking into account of the ones that are close to retirement.
  Jack - Yes.
  Discussion ensued.
  On rankings
  Call offs
  On having more AR's
  Training of referee's
  Asking them to attend games during the week when teams play each other for a training session.
  Pre season
  Girls soccer and comments made by referee's   

 2. Final series.
  Nominations have been sent out today. Please read the rules and make sure your team management have read them as well.
  We will have a meeting with all teams that are in the final series.
  Doonside - do we need three officials - No two ground officials.
 3. Champion of Champions -
  I have written to you all asking that you advise if your teams are going to go to C of C. There are new rules in place now after a few teams not attending and fines, please make them aware of the consequences.
  We will have composite teams for O30 ladies and O45 men please talk to Marayong for the ladies and Riverstone for the men.
  There is a age group for U21 Women.
 4.  Standing Committees -
  We are having problems with some committees.
  They will run the business and make recommendations to the board on how things are to be done.
  Eligibility - the person is appointed by the board after being nominated, you are not allowed to send along someone in their place. 
  The members are known to you and we want input from everyone.
  They will meet about 4 to 5 times a year.
  In coaching and football there are some major decisions to be made.
  For football we need to decide on the playing conditions for U9's for next season and the rounds for competition.
  Coaching there are major changes and challenges.
  Parklea  - are we able to replace someone on the committees.
  Jack - we must have the members resignation first.
 5. Registration Data -
  We sent out a file today some have come back as undeliverable. Please make sure at least one person in the club received the file. Any problems please ring and make an appointment.
 6. 14 v 18 round season -
  We went to an 18 round season because football was getting too expensive. Personally I like 18 rounds.  You are finding it harder to have a preseason and some clubs are having trouble with volunteers.
  We thought that on the no play days you could run gala days.
  It is a discussion we need to have.
  Parklea - we have fixed costs. Gala days are harder to run. We have no trouble with our pre season.
  Workers - we hold the Bob Forster Cup and have had a poor response
  St Pats - how many clubs are leaning towards the 14 rounds.
  Jack - the standing committee will make a recommendation to the board.
 7.  Coaching Courses -
  FFA have changes the way they are to be run.
  We will be holing a course and you will be notified of the attendees tomorrow a $20 deposit is required. 

GM10/24 General Business.
 1.  Laurie - Sponsors - we are offering your sponsors the chance to set  up a marquee on Grand Final day.
 2.  Doonside - Team numbers for season 2011
  make it a progression for next season so the 15's can take their 16 players to 16's
  Jack - we will send it to the standing committee.
 3.  Dane - we have made history in Blacktown with our WSL teams.
  Congratulations to Costa and his staff. The first grade side will be undefeated minor premiers. Thank you to the FDC clubs for my U12 girls as they are now all local talent and when they win on the weekend we will take out the club championship. Next year we will be promoted to Premier League.
 4.  Barry - Kurt Aims will officiate his first A league game in Melbourne this is a great achievement.
 5.  The knock out finals are here on Sunday.
 6.  Roo ball Gala day -
  U6 and U7 will be played on Francis Park No1 with the U8's playing at Morgan Power reserve they will be playing 4 games. It would be good if we could keep the scores of the U8 games to help us next year.
  Goals will be needed please contact the office.
  Help will be needed everywhere.
 7.  Les - team sheets can be brought in anytime on Sunday as we will be here all day.
 8. Doonside - It is our 30th year this year and the weekend we will have two of our U21 players attending fields asking your committees for a comment.
 9. Newbury - the U8's are playing only one game - NO they are playing 4 games.
 10. Kings Langley - our U8 dolphins aren't happy that they wont be playing the only other girls team in competition.
  Laurie - too hard to change.
 11.  Glenwood - we nominated teams into the girls division for U6 and U7 and they got moved.
 12.  Jack - thanked everyone for the input with the presentation from Council.

Meeting closed at 10pm

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