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Member Protection

Last Updated: Tuesday, 08 July 2014 16:31 Published: 28 June 2007

Members are reminded that, at times, some offenses should be reported to the appropriate statutory body.

The Board of Directors, the DC and GPT can only give suspensions from football related activities. Being assaulted or vilified is a crime which we recommend you report to the relevant statutory body.

BDSFA Member Protection Information Officer 0418 708962 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


FNSW has a new Member Protection page click here

As part of our committment to our players, coaches, managers, spectators and the thousands of volunteers, the Contitution, By Laws, Regulations, Policies, and other material pertaining to Child Abuse, Member Protection etc will be linked to this page. The following links provide a wealth of information on many topics.

The BDSFA Inc adopt and support the FFA's Member Protection Policy

If you can identify a child related issue call DOCS 132 111 and they will assist you

Insurance Issues
Please check the complete page at FNSW regarding Players Accident Support and Public Liability. Claim forms and full policy documents
at this link

Football NSW has lots of information and helpful articles on its "Resource Page"

TEAM OFFICAL'S AID PAGE a page full of important information for all team officials.

Teams containing minors whose travelling requires overnight accommodation please click here.




Constitution-By Laws-Regulations


NSW Sports & Recreation

Codes of Conduct

Play By The Rules Web Site

NSW Commissioner For Children

Australian Sports Commission

Anti-Discrimination Board


Some useful hints for clubs.

Playing in hot weather

Infectious Diseases

Ideas for warm up and cool down

blood information

Ricer how to treat injuries


Click here for Forms:
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When you are appointed as a Ground Official, its not just wearing the jacket. The Ground Official is the person who is in charge of their own clubs' spectators. A knowledge of the rules would help, but in reminding your own friends and spectators that their behaviour is not acceptable is often enough to cool a flashpoint. 

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