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Last Updated: Saturday, 23 November 2013 15:43 Published: 16 February 2010
The following documents are part of a presentation made by Football NSW's member Protection Information Officer to all Metro and Youth League Coaches prior to each season. Most of the material appears on this web site in various forms, but we have made this page available for our team officials to help make it easier to source.

FFA Member Protection Policy. The BDSFA Inc adopt and support the FFA's policy

FFA Code of Ethics for Coaches. A good guide to our behaviour whilst in charge of players. Whilst it is aimed at young players, all coaches should be aware of its content as it is the "Official" Code of Behaviour. Our Judiciary may deal with breeches of this Code.

What is Child Abuse? A guide to an oft misunderstood area of coaching.

Parents! and how to deal with them (nicely) Our young players do not drive to matches. Parents bring them and sometimes need to express an opinion. They way in which we deal with them sometimes leaves much to be desired.

Disclipling Players (Children) a very good guide to what you can and cannot do. A "must read" for those who still think a good beating never did them any harm.

Extracts from the Play By The Rules Web Site. A fabulous source for all things. On line training is available for almost every subject.

FAQs on Child related issues. I left this for last hoping you would read all the above first.

The BDSFA has other material worth reading: -

From the home page, all matters relating to Constitutions, By Laws and Regulations, just click away on each subject. On the Coaching and Development page you will find many helpful topics on coaching.
All Codes of Ethics. Managers, parents, players ETC

FIFA Laws of the game. We all think we know, but its worth a read ( if only to prove we do know everything)

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