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How are teams graded?

Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 January 2015 16:18 Published: 12 March 2007

The BDSFA Policy requires all Clubs to grade their players to a division in which they can their own level of success. We realise that at times sibling and friends wish to play in the same team and this is not discouraged. If a player wishes to play in an age-group older than his physical age, the club is to ensure that the player is strong enough and mentally able to cope with that older age group. Players are allowed to play up to two years above their physical age, not the age group to which they should be graded.  

A player who has not obtained the age of 15 by 31st December in the year previous cannot play adult football.

Clubs nominate their teams to the Association for a Grading Meeting usually held the second Wednesday of March. As a general rule, teams who were winners or runners up last season will be promoted, teams who were last and second last will be demoted, all other teams are usually placed in the same division as the previous season. Where a club can demonstrate, in writing, prior to the Grading Meeting, that  a team is severely different from the team that competed the season prior, the Board may grant a re-grade of one division (up or down).
There is NO appeal in regards to grades and the Management Committee urge all clubs to use the rules correctly and write letters should there be a need.

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