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Our football association is currently led by the below board members


I have been involved in grass roots football for over 18 years and I enjoy volunteering and working with the community to provide an environment that allows people to set milestones, achieve personal goals and participate in team sports administered within the association and undertaken at the community coal face of our 23 clubs.


I take a vision and make it a reality through sound strategy development. I intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organisation, brings them together into a coherent whole. I believe through my efforts over the last 40 years I have become respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners, and establishing governance boundaries. This has led to me earning a seat at the table wherever I have served.


My name is Chris Bassili, I have been playing in the BDSFA since Under 6's in 1986 where I started playing in Premier Spurs and then moved to Marayong FC in 1989 and have been there since. Mechatronic Engineer with a sub major in Management, married with 5 children, my passion is Football and look forward to making a difference in Football in the Blacktown district.


Brian started his football at Lourdes SC at the age of 7 and continued until the under 14's. From there Brian moved through the ranks until he spent 9 years at Hadjuk Wanderers.
In 2006 Brian became involved at Prospect Utd where he started off as a helping hand. He very quickly moved into the role of President, where he remains until this day.
Brian took on the role of the BDSFA coaching education in 2014 and continues to try and educate as many coaches as possible. He became a director in 2017 and took charge of the BDSFA AYL in 2018.
Brian's passion all revolves around coach education. Creating better coaches will make better players.


Shanna has been involved in Grassroots football in Blacktown since her son started playing in 2004.
In 2008 Shanna’s partner Mark was voted as president of the club and they have both since been an integral part of growth and development within Quakers Hill Tigers.
Shanna has been involved in many standing committees across the years including Football standing committee, Female standing committee and more recently the Phoenix League standing committee.
Shanna’s passion for the game was born through the communities involved in day to day running of a club and the members you get connect with on a yearly basis.
Shanna has 3 children playing within association.


Rod has been involved with football since he could walk. Chilean born and with a football pedigree within the family, he played football for a number of clubs within South West Sydney during his youth as well as represented his school in the inter-school championships. Rod has a passion for the local community and being able to provide the local community with the facilities to allow them to enjoy our game in a safe and coordinated environment. Rod joined Newbury Bulls 8 years ago and 2 years ago Rod was elected president of the club. As well as running the club, he also coaches the under 14 girls team.


I have been a Board Director of the BDSFA for five years. During this time I have undertaken my role diligently and worked with the other Directors on the Board and Executive staff. I have a strong belief that the BDSFA is an organisation that should be representative of the affiliated club membership. As such, as a Board Director I believe it to be my duty to always make Board decisions that consider the impacts upon the membership clubs.


Playing his entire career at Parklea SFC since 1987, Michael has seen the BDSFA establish itself as a strong provider in Sydney's west. Having previous experience as club Secretary and President for several years at club level, Michael joined the board in late 2017. Michael has a deep passion for growth and development in all aspects of the game from the young MiniRoos all the way through to the most senior of playing and coaching members.



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