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Blacktown is the only place to play your Summer Football! With 4 MASSIVE locations offering more competition, where do you play this year?

Blacktown Football Park is offering a premium location, played on a synthetic pitch for the following age groups. For further information please call the BDSFA office on 9675-1211.

  • Under 8 – Under 17
  • All Age Men
  • All Age Women


*Some fees may apply for non-registered winter players


Other locations within Blacktown are Marayong FC, Prospect Utd & The Ponds FC. Please see their websites for more information.

More information regarding Summer Football in Blacktown will be available closer to the 2021 Summer!

More information regarding Summer Football in Blacktown will be available closer to the 2021 Summer!

Team Registrations Open Now

Is your team ready to register? The first step is to lock in your team via the below link. Simply download the form and return to There are limited team positions in each age group  so get in quick!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my team is registered?

After your team is registered, your manager will receive a confirmation email with approval of registration. Part of that email will direct your players to a link to become registering online. Once your players have completed their registration and payment, your team is good to go!

How much is Registration?

All playing members of Summer Football in Blacktown will pay only $100 registration in 2020.

Why is it so cheap compared to other Summer Football Providers?

The Blacktown FA understand that due to COVID-19 restrictions and a shorter Summer Football Season, a realistic cost should be offered to its members.

Why is my registration Cost slightly higher than the $100 advertised price?

If you played winter football your insurances have already been covered for 2020. Anyone who is playing Summer Football only will need to pay FNSW an insurance fee. Make sure that you are consistent with your FFA number!

How do I pay for Summer Football?

Only online payments will be accepted through registration. If you are using your Active Kids Voucher, please have this ready upon registration.

How much are the referee fees for Summer Football?

Nothing! All of the referee costs are included in your registration fees.

What nights are the different age groups running?

On Monday’s we are dedicating the whole night to our highly skilled All Age Men. Tuesday we will see our competitive under 12 through to under 17’s play and on Wednesday’s the MiniRoos (under 8 – 11) and All Age Women are on.

How many teams are in the Summer Football Competition?

We aim to fill 8 positions in each of the junior age groups. First in, best dressed!

When does the season commence and end?

The first night of competition will be on the evening of the 19th October. The last night will be 16th December.

Who arranges our playing jerseys?

Your team will need to arrange your own playing strip.

Why aren’t you offering All Aged Mixed, Over 35’s or Junior Girls Competitions?

The Blacktown Summer Football providers got together and are working together to offer more for our members. Instead of poorly populated competitions, the intention is to have bigger competitions providing better viariety. For example, Prospect Utd will be running All Aged Mixed, Marayong FC are running junior girls and Ponds are running Under 5 – 7 & Premier League.

How many divisions are there?

The Blacktown FA offer multi divisions in the All Age Competitions. Depending on interest, will see how many divisions are offered in the junior age groups.

What if there are not enough teams to create a competition?

We will endevour to combine competitions if there are not enough teams. If we cannot combine, we will organise a transfer to one of our other local competitions.

I don’t have a team to play in, can I register?

We don’t offer any positions to those without a team. Best bet is to reach out to your mates and arrange your own team.


It is the team contact’s responsibility to make sure full payment is made by all players within the team.

All players, spectators, referees and team contacts must adhere to Blacktown & District Soccer Football Association (Blacktown Football) codes of conduct and policies found at

All players MUST be registered on the Football Federation Australia registration portal to be eligible to participate. 

COVID Safe Procedures:

  • As a condition of entry, the following restrictions and procedures will apply as part of Blacktown Football COVID Safe policy
    • Only one parent allowed per junior player
    • Players and/or Parent/Guardian to check in at each venue using the provided QR code
    • Hand sanitiser to be used before entry and on exit of venue
    • Maintain social distance whilst not playing of 1.5m.
  • Before participating in Football activities, you should not attend if in the past 14 days you have:
    • Been unwell of had any flu-like symptoms
    • Been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19
    • Any sudden loss of smell or loss of taste
    • Are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical health conditions.

Medical Statement:

  • If you know about or are concerned that you may have a medical condition which might interfere with undertaking activity safely you should seek advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice.
  • You should not undertake activity which is beyond your own ability or if you have been told that activity is not suitable.
  • Be aware that sporting activity carries a risk of injury.  Activity is completely voluntary; by participating you accept the risk normally associated with sporting activity.


  • Exercise due care and have proper regard for the safety of yourself and others at all times.
  • Undertake activity in accordance with the rules for your competition, tournament or event
  • Adhere to Goalpost Safety Guidelines, no climbing on goal posts
  • Do not move equipment or goalposts without consulting a staff member.
  • Wear the correct football boots and protective equipment, shin pads.
  • Always halt the session if a player is injured.
  • Report all accidents and immediately inform a member of staff if First Aid is required.
  • Ensure that spectators remain clear from Main Field Playing Areas.
  • Children Must be supervised at All Times
  • Inform a member of staff if you have any safety concerns or reason to believe that a facility is not fit for purpose.


  • Always abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game.
  • Behave in a controlled and respectful manner at all times.
  • Treat opponents with respect at all times.  Avoid rough or unnecessarily physical play.
  • Set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.
  • Accept the decision of the match official without protest.
  • Never use threatening words or behaviour against opposing players, referees or staff members.
  • Never use or threaten to use violence against opposing players, referees or staff members.
  • Refrain from using foul language, and smoking on the premises.
  • Respect the facility and report any damage.
  • Equipment and goalposts are provided for sporting use only and should not be misused.

Respect: enables the richness and diversity of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities to be held in high regard. Through respect, we promote greater self-esteem in ourselves and others, and create a community where achievement, education, life balance and a love of the game.

Responsibility:  encourages leadership and initiative, a spirit of service and commitment, and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the local community and, ultimately, society at large.

Positive Attitude: To give a feeling to those around you that you are always positive. To dig deep in the stressful times and look for positives, to show everyone around that you are looking and searching for a positive outcome.

Fair Play:  To respect the rules, to respect the Referee’s decisions and Respect yourself, your teammates.  To understand that people do make mistakes, but it is not their intention to do so.


Men’s, Mixed, Women’s & Youth Comps

  1. Blacktown Football Competition will run for 9 weeks. The final week will be a hybrid finals night where all teams play. 1v2, 3v4. 
  2. Each competition will consist of 4-10 teams
  3. In the event of wash outs, there will be NO rescheduled matches.

Kick Off Times:

  1. Kick off times for the competition will be scheduled prior to the first match. They can be found online at It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully aware of your kick-off times and know that these times cannot be changed at the team’s discretion, only by Blacktown Football under extreme circumstances.

Playing kit:

All players are to wear approved kits. In the case of a kit clash, it is the home team’s responsibility to organise bibs available from the canteen.


  1. Payments must be made prior to the competition start date, via the PlayFootball Payment Portal – CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  2. All matches are played at Blacktown City Council facilities. There is to be NO smoking, NO Alcohol and NO antisocial behaviour.
  3. Normal outdoor football boots MUST be worn. Please ensure every member of your team knows this.
  4. Shin pads must be worn by all players.

Game Forfeits

Blacktown FA is committed to making sure each team gets its match as scheduled.

  1. Any team who forfeits without notice and fails to show up will lose the match 10-0
  2. Any team who forfeits with notice will lose the match 3-0

I accept full responsibility for the conduct and welfare whilst participating in any of Blacktown Football Summer activities.

  1. I agree that the player(s) and any parents/guardians relating to the player will abide by the rules and Code of Conduct of Blacktown Football.
  2. I give permission for urgent medical attention to be sought if the player is injured and a parent/guardian is not available to consent.
  3. Once Payment is made its non-refundable, unless by exception.

Force Majeure 

An unforeseeable circumstance including but not limited to fire, storm, flood, earthquake, explosion, war, invasion, rebellion, strike, sabotage and epidemic. In the event of a Force Majeure and the competition is cancelled, Blacktown Football will determine an appropriate compensation for all participants depending on the circumstances at that time. 

By enrolling in Blacktown Football Summer Programs, participant understands that he/she attending the programs and using and the facilities does so at his/her own risk. And its owners, directors, employees, or agents, shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or property loss sustained by participant with his/her family in or about any programs on the premises. Participants and parents assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which occur in or about any programs on the premises, He/she does hereby fully and forever release discharged hold harmless, all associated facilities and its owner, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future resulting from any person’s participation in any programs or use of the facility. In addition, he/she agree(s) to follow the rules of conduct and play set by Blacktown Football.

I agree to be placed on Blacktown Football mail list for future communications.

I agree that I may be photographed, and images will be shared on Blacktown Football Social Media channels, website or other media.

Refunds to credit card payments will incur a $30 service and administration charge, and payments made using an Active Kids voucher are non-refundable.

Consent: I the undersigned parent or guardian/participant does hereby grant authority to the staff at to render a judgement concerning medical assistance or hospital care in the event of an accident or illness during my absence. I do hereby authorize and its assigns to utilize any and all photographs, pictures or other likeness of me or anyone assigned guardianship to me, as they deem appropriate in its promotional materials or team films.

I Accept and will comply to the terms and conditions.



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