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The BDSFA provides clear pathways for each team and individual. Starting at the Discovery Phase, individuals enter the sport and grow to love the game. Entering the Skills Acquisition Phase is where players develop their individual skills. Game Training broadens player skills by introducing game situations and the Performance Phase is where it all comes together.

No matter what level of player, the BDSFA has a spot for you to be competitive. The BDSFA Player Pathway is designed for each individual to be comfortable in their environment with the option of pushing themselves to achieve a higher step.

The BDSFA offers the Association Youth League. This league is a Football NSW conducted competition with the aim of developing players to their highest ability.

The Blacktown Spartans are the highest level of football to represent the Blacktown Association and is in place for the players whom wish to fulfill their dreams of playing professional football later in life. Blacktown Spartans provide opportunities for both boys and girls who wish to be at the top of their game.

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The female development pathway differs slightly to the male but just as much opportunity is provided for girls who wish to better their game.

Girls age groups within the BDSFA are broken into two year intervals to establish multiple divisions in each age group. Enabling the player to play in a league that is competitive and similar to the ability of that player. Therefore the BDSFA Performance Leagues can play at a faster pace than the Development Leagues. As the individual or team increases their skill and speed, the transition is rewarded into the higher leagues.

Blacktown Spartans also offer female competitions at the highest possible state level. Underpinning the Westfield W-League the National Premier League competition is full of high quality players whom wish to seek a professional playing career.

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